Dennis Flanagan

Personal Trainer / Fitness Instructor

Dream Workout Buddy
Fellow trainer, DJ MacKay…obviously
Guilty Pleasure
Notting Hill - I'm a sucker for Hugh Grant movies
Fave Artists
Jay Z, Eminem, Justin Timberlake
Spirit Animal
My dog, Murphy Brown - she's a little bit of a mess

Dennis Flanagan has been personal training for the last 10 years in LA and NYC. Beginning at Pulse Studios (a splinter from Barry's Bootcamp) Dennis learned under Mark Harari through an intense treadmill and weight training group program that led to his particular style. An AFAA certified trainer, Dennis now privately trains exclusively at Chalk incorporating stability and band work to strengthen the core and glutes and building out from there. Following internships this past year at FinishLine and PAPSA Physical Therapy, Dennis' focus has grown to include pre-hab workouts- working the body for longevity and stability. His clients cover a range of age groups and experience levels and include goals such as rehab, weight loss, strength and conditioning. Mainly working on a half hour schedule, his clients also receive cardio based workouts Dennis designed on the treadmills and ellipticals.