Hadyatou Diallo

Trainer / HIIT + Bootcamp Instructor

Workout Buddy
Usain Bolt. Come on, who wouldn't want to race him once?!!
Guilty Pleasure
Burgers and Cupcakes...I could literally live off these 2 foods
Album Repeat
Nas - Ether
Spirit Animal


Hadyatou grew up in Canada, where ice skating, skiing and snow boarding were staples in childhood activities and initiated her love for health and movement. After relocating to the United States and finishing High school, she joined the US Military for 4 years, and was selected to be part of the US Army Track and Field Team. She then continued her running career by competing in Division 1 Collegiate Track and Field and qualifying for the 400m and 800m at Penn Relays all 4 years.

After competing in NPC Bikini Bodybuilding competitions and seeing first hand what extreme dieting lifestyles can do to one's body both mentally and physically, Hadyatou has now embarked on a "Be strong AF and Healthful" campaign by advocating strength, power and balance as her fitness philosophies. Training clients ranging from competitive teen track athletes to seniors who just want to move and feel good everyday for the past 6 years, she uses strength & conditioning, core & posterior chain strength and HIIT in her fitness programs.

Having a West African (Guinean) heritage, being bilingual in French and English, and raising a son, Hadyatou aspires to one day move to her home continent Africa, travel to its countries, and bring awareness about the importance of health and movement and how reaching your body's true physical & mental potential is so very empowering!