Jacia Horton

Trainer / Abs, Bootcamp, HIIT Instructor

Workout Buddy
Teyana Taylor
Guilty Pleasure
Candy & Girl Scout cookies (Thin mints give me life!!)
Album Repeat
X Gon' Give it To Ya by DMX
& Lights (Bassnectar mix) by Ellie Goulding
Spirit Animal


I believe in providing my clients with training experience that will transform their bodies to suit their personal fitness goals. I understand that every client is unique so a personalized fitness and eating plan that cultivates wellness and a healthy lifestyle is my priority. Fitness is not easy, but we will will work together to make you better!


  • B.S in Exercise Science

  • ACSM Exercise Physiologist


Specializes in:

  • Weight loss

  • Revenge Bodies

  • Body alignment and rehabilitation

  • Wellness

  • Wedding Prep

  • Increased Muscle mass